Höegh is part of Martinique infrastructure project

16 October 2015

Martinique, one of the French overseas territories in the Caribbean, is the region of France with the most cars registered per person, likely a reflection of the very limited public transportation network on the island. In an attempt to reduce the impact that private transportation has on the local environment, make people less dependent on cars, as well as reduce traffic jams, the government is investing in new hybrid buses.

Luc Massaux, Head of France for Höegh Autoliners says,


Luc Massaux

Höegh Autoliners is proud to be part of a project that develops Martinique's infrastructures and traffic conditions and potentially improve the local air quality at the same time. The hybrid buses are produced by the Belgian manufacturer Van Hool and Höegh transports them from Antwerp, Belgium to Fort de France, Martinique on our bi-weekly Europe to Caribbean service. 

The Exqui City hybrid (diesel-electric) buses are commonly referred to as “tram-buses” and will be deployed in a 12.8 km route between Fort-de-France and Le Lamentin, where the International airport is situated.

These 24 meter long buses are ready to take a vast number of passengers around Martinique but both the length and low ground clearance imposed challenges to the load and discharge operations. “This is where Höegh’s PCTCs showed to be the perfect fit”, Luc concludes.

van hool buses on youtube

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