Höegh Autoliners UK Ltd. 30 years anniversary

21 February 2011

On 28th October 1980 Hoegh Autoliners (UK) Limited was established.

Trevor Kay, Trade Manager - working with the company for 26 years says:

The most significant memory of those times is that we worked on all documents manually with every Bill of Lading and manifest being typed on typewriters and photocopied into sets. All bookings were manually recorded and every week we had to create a full booking list on the telex machine, which was transferred to Oslo and to the loading port. Processing of a vessel would take up to almost one week as all invoicing and ships paper work were done manually. Trevor continues with that there have been various changes within the industry and our management during the years. New markets have emerged whilst the original trade routes have declined in an ever evolving changing world.

In 1987 the company moved to an office in Romford, Essex ending up in Basildon, Essex 11 years ago located close to the Ford and Case New Holland factories.

Today 11 people are working in the Basildon office and majority of the staff are having more than 15 years of shipping experience.

Hoegh Autoliners are handling 7 ships calls per month from Southampton. In addition we are offering monthly sailings from the new Hoegh Northern Terminal in Newcastle established in 2010.

Managing Director Benedicte Markveien explains that the UK market is a very interesting and challenging one. The strong role of freight forwarders keeps challenging our organization to stay on top of the market in order to maintain and increase our market intelligence and know-how. She states that it has been a pleasure working in the UK for the last 11/2 years with the staff of Hoegh Autoliners (UK) Ltd with such a vast shipping experience.