Höegh Autoliners Spain celebrates 10 years

24 August 2018

On 23 August, Höegh Autoliners celebrated the tenth anniversary of the establishment of its local office in Spain by visiting the Port of Valencia.

It all started in 2008 with the establishment of a local office, Höegh Autoliners Spain to service the Spanish market.

Iñaki Echeverría, Head of Sales in Höegh Autoliners Spain says,

The tenth anniversary is an important milestone for Höegh Autoliners Spain, the whole team is proud of what we have achieved together with our Port Agents Maritima Davila and Marmedsa-Noatum Maritime in a relatively short amount of time.

To mark this important milestone, a vessel visit was organised on board the Höegh Maputo.

Iñaki continues,

We have to thank the Port Authority of Valencia for the warm welcome, as well as the boatmen of Amarradores de Valencia for their incredible reception on board their boat and the wealth of information and experiences shared, also the terminal VTE for the help with the arrangements, but specially the Captain of Höegh Maputo and his crew for the hospitality we received on board.