Helping to “bridge” the infrastructure gap in French Guiana

21 October 2016

When our customer, Transport Paris International (TPI) needed to transport breakbulk units for a bridge project in French Guiana, they turned to Höegh Autoliners to assist them.

TPI asked Höegh to transport the breakbulk units consisting of metal beams with a length of 17 to 25 metres from Le Havre, France to Degrad des Cannes, French Guiana. The beams will be used in the re-construction of a bridge in the country.

The building of the new Comte bridge by Matiere, a pioneer in bridge construction, was initated to improve the road network on the N2 road between Cayenne and Regina in Eastern French Guiana. The new two-lane bridge is launched alongside the older one-lane bridge and the new bridge now allows the passage of trucks, up to 100 tonnes, against the 28 tonne maximum the old bridge allowed. In addition, a 1.5 metre sidewalk and security barrier is added to improve the safety for pedestrians.


Luc Massaux, Head of France in Höegh Autoliners says,

With 20 years experience in servicing the Caribbean region, we have built a strong network in the area in both deep sea and shortsea. Therefore, not having a direct service from France to French Guiana was not an obstacle. This shipment, like previous infrastructure projects that we have been part of in the Caribbean, enabled the global Höegh team to demonstrate the quality and flexibility of our transportation solutions to the customer.

The units were first loaded on Höegh Manila in Le Havre on the Europe to Caribbean service and discharged in Pointe-a-Pitre where they were transhipped on the Caribbean Feeder, Höegh Caribia to Degrad des Cannes.

Luc continues, “The project’s success was due to a high level of support globally. The precise coordination between our deep sea service and transhipment in Pointe-a-Pitre on to our Caribbean shortsea service, ensured the cargo reached Degrad des Cannes on time and to the satisfaction of our customer.”

Höegh has recently been part of other projects in improving infrastructure and traffic conditions on the Caribbean island of Martinique, with the transportation of diesel-electric buses and breakbulk units for a Bridge project in the country.

Luc concludes,

The sales team in France is proud to be part of another project in improving the local transportation system in the Caribbean area and look forward to being involved in more in the future.