Höegh Osaka update

18 January 2015

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) today makes the following announcement:


"The ship continues to be stable and, at this point in the salvors ongoing operations, the ship continues to list at 48 degrees.

Yesterday the operation to pump water from the vessel’s lower car decks removed approximately 800 cubic meters of clean water. The operation will continue today but progress will be slower as divers have to reposition the pump to ensure only clean water is discharged.

The operation is going well, nevertheless the Hoegh Osaka is unlikely to be moved to Southampton Port before the Wednesday evening high tide.

We will issue a further update tomorrow."



For information about the salvage operation, please contact the MCA. To follow the MCA communcation on this event, please visit http://hmcoastguard.blogspot.no/.


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