Höegh Osaka update

21 January 2015

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) today makes the following announcement:

“The vessel is stable on Alpha Anchorage and the salvage operation is ongoing.

At 10: 30 GMT today the list had been reduced to 25 degrees. All water has been removed from the car decks and it is anticipated that ballast operations will further reduce the list to 15 - 20 degrees today. At this point MAIB investigators will board the ship to gather information for their investigation. A skeleton ship’s crew will also board the ship in preparation for its move back to Southampton Port.

The exact time for the ship to move from Alpha Anchorage to Southampton Port has not finally determined when the conditions are right to do so, e.g. confidence in the ship’s stability, ship’s systems have been started up successfully, time of tide, wave and weather conditions.

The journey is expected to take four hours. Four tugs will help bring the ship in and the salvor will be assisted by two pilots and the ship's master. The salvors will remain in charge of the ship until it is safely alongside.

During the towing operation to bring the HOEGH OSAKA in to Southampton Port, a Restricted Airspace (Temporary) (RAT) will be placed 1 mile either side of the navigation route and up to 2000 ft. This is designed to provide essential safety during the towing operation.”


For information about the salvage operation, please contact the MCA. To follow the MCA communcation on this event, please visit http://hmcoastguard.blogspot.no/


Media Contact for Höegh Autoliners: Navigate Response Telephone: +44 (0)20 7283 9915