Expand services to Tangier Med in Morocco

16 February 2015

In addition to the Europe to Africa trade, Höegh Autoliners now also calls Tangier with the vessels from Europe to the Caribbean.

Höegh Autoliners expand its service offering to the Tangier Med port in Morocco by introducing a second trade – the Europe-Caribbean (EUCA) trade - to call this strategic located port in the middle of the strait of Gibraltar.

Höegh Singapore made the first official port call on 26 January.

The location of the port, the quality of the port infrastructure, a as well as the quality of terminal and stevedoring  services from GSTM (subsidiary of STVA)given to Höegh Autoliners vessels and cargo, are key elements behind the choice to use Tangier Med as a Transshipment hub in the region.

Höegh Autoliners started to call Tangier Med with the Europe-Africa (EUAF) trade early 2013. Expanding our services into Tangier Med, both EUAF and EUCA will now call the port twice per month. With this expansion, we offer a broader product and better service to our customers.

In addition, the vessels of Höegh Autoliners' subsidiary Euro Marine Logistics (EML) are calling Tangier Med weekly discharging cargo from the Mediterranean ports.


Photo: H Singapore in Tangier Med 26 January.