Empowering women at sea

26 September 2019

On 26 September, we celebrate World Maritime Day. This year the theme is "Empowering Women in the Maritime Community" with the aim to raise importance of gender equality in shipping.

In Höegh Autoliners, we believe diversity is about having an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome, is treated with respect, receives equal pay for equal work and is given equal opportunities. From a company point of view, this is not only about being a good citizen; diversity is a necessity if we want to succeed in the challenges we have in front of us.

Hear from some of our women seafarers why they chose to work in Höegh Autoliners.

Höegh does not discriminate. Höegh does not assume your limits. For some time, I felt imprisoned by society telling me what I cannot do. However, Höegh told me different, I am a woman and I can still do things. With the trust Höegh has given me, I feel empowered to do greater things for my personal growth and the growth of Höegh.

Many companies lean towards hiring male crew on board their vessels. Therefore, I tried to look for a company that gives equal opportunity in developing one's career at sea no matter the gender. It was then I heard about Hoegh Autoliners from my current colleagues. I applied and soon started my apprenticeship. I have come to love the company, all the good things my colleagues said were all true and much more.

What is inspiring and consoling is that I am in a company that promotes gender equality in the workplace, which is necessary to encourage more women to take part and excel in this industry. That is why I know for sure that this will be the best training ground for me in becoming the best version of myself as a seafarer and an empowered woman.

Höegh Autoliners is a shipping company that accepts women seafarers. It is a company that shows gender equality, equal opportunities to all seafarers and the same rights especially to those who want to enter a primarily gentleman’s world. Now being part of the company I can say; Höegh will always be a hope for all seafarers like me.

Höegh is a company that embodies diversity among its crew. I would like to thank Höegh Autoliners for giving me equal rights as a woman for being able to perform equally competent tasks as everyone, and for believing that one can achieve the pinnacle of success and journey towards the realisation of one’s dream regardless of gender.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. It is inspiring to see other female officers in the company. Knowing that Höegh is accepting female seafarers in a male dominant industry where I can confidently work with equality. I am thankful that Höegh chose me too.