Creating a safe and adaptable working environment

28 April 2021

Since it emerged as a global crisis in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions, affecting people and businesses around the globe. A safe working environment is fundamental not only to protect lives but also to ensure business continuity.

To safeguard our people, we have strengthened our health and safety protocols both ashore and at sea.                                                                                       

Adjusting our work environment

We have adapted our work environment in line with recommendations from relevant authorities. For our people working ashore, we have shifted to flexible remote work to limit their virus exposure, particularly in areas where COVID-19 cases are still increasing.

This has been particularly important, for example when schools have been closed for an extended period, and our flexible work environment has enabled our team to care for their families as well as manage their work.

A focus on wellbeing

The pandemic has had a different impact on everyone; both professionally and personally. It has changed the world in many ways including how we work and interact with each other.  No one is immune from the multiple stressors being caused by the current crisis. The company focuses on wellbeing and provides mental health support for employees, as we adapt to the new normal.

Laura Exner, Chief HR and Communications Officer says,

Focusing on wellbeing shows our people that their needs are recognised and valued. A supportive work environment develops confidence, increases productivity, improves engagement and encourages innovation. Wellbeing can also help our people deal with challenges and change and provide the tools to minimise stress and manage mental health.

Safety across our fleet

To maintain a safe and healthy workplace on board, Höegh has strengthened its health and safety protocols which helps protect our crew and the public in the countries we transit. Our crew wear personal protective equipment, disinfect the vessels regularly and check body temperature daily.

Terje Lorentzen, Crewing/QA/Systems Manager says,

Our priority is the safety of our people. By maintaining our high-quality safety protocols, we safeguard our crew and the general public in the countries we transit.

With restrictions in place due to COVID-19, our crew are spending more time on board the vessel during their free time. Ensuring their wellbeing is a high focus.

Terje shares,

We also focus on physical and mental wellbeing. We encourage physical exercise on board, make sure our crew get good rest time and that they eat a healthy diet. We also provide free Internet access so they can connect with family and loved ones.

By maintaining stringent health and safety protocols, we are creating a safer and more adaptable work environment for our people.