Continue support to SOS Children's Villages Norway

19 December 2013

December 13, Höegh Autoliners signed the contract to support SOS Children’s Villages Norway for another three year period.

This is the fourth time Höegh Autoliners renew the contract with SOS Children’s Villages Norway, starting the partnership in 2005.

“The children are our future and SOS Children’s Villages’ work to give young people a safe start in life is probably the most important investment in the future that we can do. Over the eight years we have supported SOS Children’s Villages, we have seen children grow up to young adults in the Children’s Villages that we have supported and it is wonderful to also see that some have decided to take up a career as cadets in Höegh Autoliners.” Says Ingar Skiaker, CEO Höegh Autoliners

SOS Children’s Villages makes a difference to children in many parts of the world, offering the most vulnerable children a safe home, education and opportunities to contribute in the society in the future. The organization runs over 2 300 programs in 133 countries, including 546 children’s villages that give home to more than 60 000 children. Through different types of programs, more than 600 000 children and their families get daily support from SOS Children’s Villages. Additionally, 74 medical centers and 16 emergency relief programs provide essential treatment and aid to hundreds of thousands of children and adults.

In the photo from the left: Svein Grønnern, Secretary General SOS Children's Villages Norway and Ingar Skiaker, CEO Höegh Autoliners

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