Chartering activities in 2010

7 January 2011

The Höegh Autoliners fleet is designed for maximum flexibility to cater for the variety of cargo carried in the various trades. Our fleet is regularly assessed to ensure our customers' deep sea transportation needs are met.

During 2010 our Capacity Management department carried out a number of activities to support maximum performance.

Several of our existing trade-systems have a rather long duration. (One roundtrip consists of two or more consecutive voyages). To meet the increased cargo quantities over the last year our strategy has been to charter out medium sized vessels and charter inn large sized vessels.

The activity that took place in 2010 and continues in 2011 includes:

One swop where we chartered out a medium sized vessel and chartered in a large.

Charter out of 6 medium sized vessels.

Charter in of 5 large vessels and extended several time charters.

Time charters out are on shorter periods while time charters in are on longer periods.

During 2010 we have also, in line with the above strategy, reactivated most of the fleet that was in cold lay-up.


Höegh Beijing was chartered out in 2010