Building knowledge in a dynamic at-sea environment 

11 January 2022

Since joining Höegh Autoliners as a Maritime Trainee in 2021, Thea Kruse Valvatne has had some amazing experiences. The best so far? A hands-on trip on the Höegh Trigger, a roll-on/roll-off vessel that can carry 8,500 cars.

Thea says,

Being on the Höegh Trigger was a brilliant experience. I participated in almost every operation on board and met some amazing people. I feel very lucky to be an employee in Höegh Autoliners.

As a Maritime Trainee, Thea is exposed to different projects within the organisation, gaining experience that she can use in her future career. Thea studied marine technology and seeing that technology in action on a vessel is an important step in her development.

“I knew about all the components from school, but now I have much more knowledge about how it all really works,” she explains. “For example, I saw the magnitude of logistics needed for every operation. I went through the planning with the team, and next day got to see it all in real life. There’s a huge amount of effort required to ensure the vessel runs smoothly and operations are completed on time.”

Welcoming pilots at high speed

For Thea, it’s hard to choose a single highlight from the trip, but she was perhaps most impressed by the docking procedures. During its 12-day journey, the Höegh Trigger called at Gothenburg, Bremerhaven, Antwerp, Le Havre, Southampton and Santander – and every stop was a high-precision operation.

“The pilots that guide the vessel into port come on board at really high speed, climbing from the pilot boat up a ladder while the vessel is in full motion – it’s quite impressive to see,” she says. “And I really enjoyed helping the crew with the mooring operation. It was great to see how it is actually done.”

Towards a carbon-free shipping industry

Thea is keen to grasp the international career opportunities offered by the shipping industry. Her long-term goal is to be part of creating a zero emissions future. She wants to contribute to the maritime industry’s carbon reduction targets – and understanding how our vessels operate will stand her in good stead.

Thea adds,

Höegh Autoliners has already taken a giant leap towards greener operations and I believe we will see even more changes in the near future. I need to understand as much of the business as possible if I’m going to be part of these changes. Being a Maritime Trainee at Höegh Autoliners is an excellent way to do that.