Autotrans awarded shipment of Nissan Racing Cars

24 September 2015

Autotrans Logistics have been awarded the round-trip transportation of 14 Nissan racing vehicles from Silverstone racing circuit (Towcester, UK) to Yas Marina iconic track (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and back.

These vehicles will be used for the 2015 edition of the GT Academy Finals, during which the program will be taken to the next level.

Didier Coulibaly, Head of Specific and Urgent Transport activity at Autotrans says,

When shipping high-value and time sensitive cargo as this is, it is vital to have close control of the complete transportation chain. Supply Chain control is one of our specialties at Autotrans and by offering Nissan a holistic and competitive solution where we ensure the vehicles reach their final destination in time, we were awarded the transportation.

The 14 vehicles were sent from the UK to Abu Dhabi to be used on demanding challenges at the thriving Yas Marina track. On top of these racing cars, Nissan will make use of the desert sand dunes to test one of the vehicles that has initially been built for driving on snow. 

Nissan GTacademy racing car -  prototype to drive on snow

Thomas Rodier, project lead for this daring project states,

Driving on sand and snow is actually remarkably similar and this is a good opportunity to test the vehicle on this type of terrain.

Didier organized the delivery of all 14 units from the UK to Le Havre and thanks to Höegh’s agent and stevedores, all units were safely loaded on the Höegh operated vessel, Glovis Condor at Le Havre on 30 August.

Didier also supervised the discharge operations at a distance in Abu Dhabi where our local agent, Kanoo organised import customs formalities and the delivery to the vehicles’ final destination.

The racing cars are expected to be back in the UK via Le Havre later this year.

Nissan GT Academy takes people from virtual to reality and offers them a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. Participants compete online on Playstation through the Gran Turismo game; one will become a professional racecar driver. The best are given an opportunity to participate in the European Finals in Abu Dhabi, where 56 contestants face a series of tough challenges that test them to their mental and physical limits, in cars and out.  They compete both in national teams and as individuals. After each challenge, the low performers are evicted until one winner is crowned GT Academy Champion 2015.  These finals will be documented through a TV program to which European viewers will be able to follow the contestants’ inspiring journeys from GT gamers to pro-racers.

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