Art on the waves with Höegh

16 September 2020

Recently Freight Forwarder, Noatum Logistics was entrusted with the delicate task of shipping oversized art from Spain to the United States. They in turn chose Höegh Autoliners for the ocean transportation, due to their reliable handling equipment and expertise in transporting sensitive breakbulk cargo.

The huge sculpture is by famous Spanish artist Manolo Valdés and is destined for a gallery in the US.

Reliable equipment

The sculpture consisted of five large irregular shaped pieces of different weights and heights and were made from various materials. Transporting them across the Atlantic would require extra care and protection particularly from elements such as seawater, rain and humidity.

The Sales Team in Spain provided a solution to use Höegh’s Superlow rolltrailers due to the height and weight of the units. The rolltrailers have been specially designed to carry tall cargo and are only 0.47cm high and can carry cargo up to 75 Metric Tonnes. To ensure the units did not shift during the voyage, they were lashed in line with Höegh’s stringent cargo quality standards.

Iñaki Echeverria, Head of Höegh Spain, explains,

Transporting fragile cargo requires dependable equipment and expert cargo handling. Our rolltrailers are especially designed for smooth and safe transportation of non-rolling cargo. By rolling the cargo onboard it reduces the risk of damage as there is no lifting required at both load and discharge port.

The units were safely loaded on board Höegh Beijing in Vigo, Spain ready for their journey to Port Everglades, USA.

Safety continues underdeck

By stowing the art pieces underdeck on Höegh’s RoRo vessel, it is protected from seawater and other environmental elements. This offers customers less costly packing solutions, as there are no additional packing requirements.

Iñaki continues,

Art pieces are not the usual cargo you would think of transporting on RoRo vessels. However, Noatum Logistics are familiar with our extensive experience in transporting various sensitive breakbulk cargoes and knew the pieces would be in safe hands. With the partnership with Noatum Logistics, Americans will be able to admire Manolo Valdés’ masterpieces in the coming years.