Are you our next maritime trainee?

25 September 2018

Höegh Autoliners Olso is looking for two commercial maritime trainees that will work within our commercial teams in a thriving international context. Rotating within various departments in our business you will gain diverse, relevant, hands-on experience in a global shipping organisation.

The Maritime Trainee Program has been part of the Höegh Autoliners talent management approach for several years. At Höegh Autoliners we believe in giving our employees individual responsibility and challenging tasks from day one. Your progress will be monitored within a framework of follow up and close dialogue with your leader and team. The goal is to attract, develop and retain leadership talents to secure the leadership succession pipeline in Höegh Autoliners.

The trainees will be part of one of the leading management program in Norway, Maritime Trainee, which is organised by the Norwegian Shipowners Association (Rederiforbundet). Over the 18 month period, each trainee will rotate a minimum of two times across the organisation, gaining knowledge about our business operations.

For more information and to apply for the position, please click here: Available position as Maritime Trainee - Commercial

Hear from our current trainees: 

 Oscar says,

I chose a career in the Maritime industry as it is truly global. The industry’s ability to adapt to new market situations, especially through new regulatory statuaries and changes in the competitive environment, makes it highly interesting. Additionally, it is a privilege to work in what is arguably Norway’s most iconic industry and to be part of the transition that it is about to make to handle future developments.

 My Linh says,

The Maritime Trainee offers a very strong start for my career. The programme provides deep insights into the shipping industry by combining different academic modules that take place in major global shipping hubs with practical experiences from working with a leading shipping company. It is also a wonderful opportunity to expand my network by meeting both current and earlier trainees.