A message from Andreas Enger, CEO

30 September 2021

Today on World Maritime Day, I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank all our seafarers for their professionalism and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our seafarers have gone above and beyond to ensure we continue to run a safe and effective business. These key workers have made an exceptional contribution on the front line. 

We are committed to build a more sustainable maritime industry and have prioritised COVID-19 vaccinations for our seafarers. Currently over 80% of our seafarers on board are fully vaccinated and we will continue to work with governments and organisations to ensure more are vaccinated to ensure their safety and the safety of all in the communities.

We continue to make good progress on crew changes thanks to the support of our colleagues ashore. However, the global crew change crisis continues to be a challenging situation. As a signatory of the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change, we stand united to call on government bodies to take urgent action to safeguard the rights and welfare of seafarers.  

Seafarers are at the core of the maritime industry and deserve our support and recognition.