Höegh RoRo - web service

Need the latest vessel schedule or want to contact a local Höegh Autoliners representative? Höegh RoRo allows quick and easy access to the company’s latest shipping information.

Höegh RoRo allows customers, agents, employees and other users to access the following information:

Sailing Schedule
Look for the latest up-to-date sailing schedules by port location or trade.

View our global trade systems.

Cargo Services
Check out the services offered by Höegh Autoliners.

Contact Us
Find the contact details of Höegh Autoliners offices globally. Simply search for the location (city or country name) to retrieve the contact details for that office.

Need to find your closest Höegh Autoliners office or port? This function finds the nearest office or port via your phone's GPS. A simple map view including driving directions!

Search by location (city) and you will get a list of vessels calling that port and their schedule.

Search by vessel name to get all information related to that vessel including the vessel’s main particulars, metrics, and schedule.

Trucker Verification
Check the space allocation on your booking before arriving at the terminal.

Cargo Search
Track your cargo by entering your VIN, Booking Reference Number or Bill of Lading. Your last searches will be stored for easy reuse. Use your windows username and password to access this section.

Access our services: https://m.hoegh.com/hoeghroro