Who says seafarers can’t do Zumba?

29 June 2016

Seafarers must have the skills, competence and knowledge to perform their duties and responsibility to keep the ship in its best condition. But seafarers on board must also be emotionally happy and physically fit.

This is the challenge management face on board. Finding various leisure activities to support a healthy atmosphere and harmonious relationship among the crew. So what kind of activity can you do that’s fun but also a good work out?


Who says seafarers cant zumba
I have to admit, organising a Zumba class was the coolest concept we have experienced so far on board. Not only does Zumba promote good camaraderie and enhance your fitness level, it is so much fun! You dance to good music, with great people and burn a tonne of calories without even realising it!

After working up a sweat in the Zumba class, the crew decided to cool off and take a swim in the portable pool. We plunged and splashed in the pool like kids temporarily forgetting the burdens of solitude. We were emotionally and physically regenerated.

It is days like this that you temporarily forget the absence of your family and friends back home and appreciate the solidarity of the other family on board – your crew members.


Text and photo by Dinnes onboard one of our Höegh vessels


If you are a seafarer of Höegh Autoliners and would you like to share your story,  please contact Corporate Communications on newsdesk@hoegh.com


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