Giant drum transported on customised double wide rolltrailer bound for Australia

DATE 22.08.2017

When global freight forwarders, Röhlig Spain needed a dependable partner to help them transport a giant rotary drying machine drum from Spain to Australia, they chose Höegh Autoliners with their customised RoRo solution and experience in transporting breakbulk.

[imageMacros imageWidth="30" alignment="left" image="9d43ec7a-7ae8-4949-a283-39b2d1628858"/] With a weight of 90 tonnes, diameter of 7.25 metres, and height of 3.485 metres, the width of the cargo posed a challenge as it could not be placed on a single 40 feet rolltrailer which has a total width of 2.6 metres.

Höegh Autoliners has developed a Double-wide rolltrailer concept that has been tested and approved in the U.S. The prototype was recently used to transport a 7.12 metre wide catamaran from Antwerp to Brisbane and here was another opportunity to use the new equipment in a commercial operation.

Geir Paulsen, Global Breakbulk Operation Manager says,

We came up with a unique design involving two 40 feet rolltrailers joined together by a coupling kit system. The system comprises of an easy to use system, which locks two 40 feet rolltrailers side by side. A twin gooseneck was also developed and produced on a Höegh design, and this ensures the tugmaster has a firm hold of the rolltrailer at all times during transport.

With its out of gauge measurements, the drum required a vessel with a wider door opening than the regular vessels, which can only accommodate cargo up to seven metres wide.

Iñaki Echeverria, Head of Country Spain says,

We have added greater flexibility to our fleet with the New Horizon vessels which can transport cargo up to 12 metres wide and 6.5 metres high. With Höegh Target and our regular Europe to Oceania service this proved the perfect fit for our customer.

The drum was loaded on board Höegh Target in Santander where it was safely stowed under deck during its six-week journey to Port Kembla.

Iñaki continues,

With the great communication and coordination between Höegh Autoliners Spain, Röhlig, our agents at the port, and the expert cargo handling team, the operation was a success. With our customised equipment and new vessels, we are enhancing the service we offer to our customers and proving we are able to handle wider cargo than before.

02 November 2017

Customised equipment to transport 43.5m long trams

Recently Höegh Autoliners was asked to transport the first two of four Bombardier trams from Germany to Australia for the extension of the Gold Coast Light Rail System (GCLR).

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