Staying connected in Latin America

20 January 2021

With health and safety protocols put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community, our teams across the globe have found innovative ways to continue to engage with customers in a safe manner. Our Head of Sales Latin America, Juan Williams shares how the team has successfully adapted to the new normal and stay connected with customers across the Caribbean region.

Supporting a diverse market

According to Juan, the Caribbean region, comprising of 28 countries, is multiculturally diverse and dynamic; making it an interesting market.

Each of the countries in the region is unique. They have different cultures, values and ways of doing business. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all process in connecting with the customers or a single solution to their requirements.

Staying connected

One important element that is common across the region is the tradition of “face-to-face” meetings. However due to the Coronavirus pandemic, both our colleagues and customers have had to work from home to limit spread the of infections in the community. This meant in-person meetings were not possible. The team solved this by using more digital solutions to maintain a level of personal communication and continue engagement with customers.

Keeping customers updated

To ensure customers are informed of the latest developments and have their questions answered, the team saw an opportunity to continue to conduct the breakbulk workshops, but this time virtually.

Juan explains,

The aim of the workshop is to reinforce breakbulk knowledge among our customers in Latin America and gives them the opportunity to ask any specific questions relating to transporting this type of diverse cargo. We want our customers to feel that we are here for them and we will continue to find innovative ways to engage with them.

Strengthening relationships

It is vital for the Latin America team to deliver not only professional and expert RoRo solutions but also consistent experience that the customers can trust.

Juan explains,

As transport carriers, we offer an intangible product so the relationship with our clients is essential in a very competitive and dynamic market. Knowing and understanding their culture through listening to our local agents and customers put value on the relationship we have with them. We want them to know that we are partners whom they should feel comfortable in doing business with, someone who understands them and their business needs, no matter the situation.

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