Mental health care for all: making it a reality

10 October 2021

Today is World Mental Health Day and I want to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of mental health support during these challenging times. Everyone’s experience has been unique during the COVID-19 pandemic and no matter where one physically works from, navigating the “new normal” can be challenging. At Höegh Autoliners, we are committed to supporting our people’s mental health and have implemented initiatives to ensure we prioritise their wellbeing. 

There is no doubt the pandemic has had an impact on people’s mental health. We saw through our interactions with people, that fear, worry and stress about their personal situation and what was happening locally was having an impact on their wellbeing. 

What we learnt was that:

1.    Supporting and training our leaders to understand and help their teams speak openly about any issues and be aware of what services are available to them is critical to prevention and early intervention
2.    Continuous and supportive communication about wellbeing and potential challenges helps us to destigmatise mental health conditions
3.    Reminding and encouraging people to use the services on offer for “everyday type of issues” is a simple way to overcome the difficulty to pick up the phone or book in a session 

We know that it is very difficult for people to recognise and seek help when they are either struggling with mental health or are in the initial stages of developing a mental health condition. We have ensured that everyone has the offer of a free and confidential 24/7/365 support service including support for mental health conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and depression. This is just one small but critical part of our wellbeing strategy we have implemented over the past couple of years.

We still have work to normalise mental health and to create more transparency and acceptance, but we see that there has been a positive response to supporting our people’s wellbeing. 

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