Dancing at sea

30 September 2016

Being a seafarer has helped me improve my knowledge and skill in navigation and develop a positive attitude towards the value of hard work. Surprising however it has also ignited my passion for dance.

Dancing has been one of my passions since I was a little kid. Performing on a stage in front of a big crowd, hearing loud cheers from the audience, especially from my family and friends has given me that energy boosting sensation and self-satisfaction during and after each show.

One of the most memorable experience I had was when I boarded one of my first Höegh vessels and met other crew members who shared a common interest for music and dance.

The spirit of camaraderie and excitement in dancing has brought us together and created a group that lights the flames in our heart. We were individuals of different ages and diverse personalities but united in this sense. I haven’t recalled any holiday celebration that our group has not participated onboard. We always perform the best we can like a “pro” in any show.

After working hours, we allocate our free time brainstorming and subsequently do rehearsals without compromising other crew’s assignments and duties. We want our choreographed show to surprise and stun our colleagues in a way which they will never forget. While practicing our routines, we do not feel we are on a ship over the horizon, but rather ordinary youth preparing for a school event, just like being at home.   

And what’s the best part of it all? A performance on a ship’s basketball court floating in the vast ocean with 15 crew as the audience. In that moment when the lights and music are turned on, it’s like we are in the center of a stadium filled with spectators. We feel freedom in every step and savor the beat of the music.

Being a seafarer, has not only enhanced my skills on board but it has given me the opportunity to share my passion and touch others’ lives through dance and music.   

Text and video by Monalisa onboard one of our Höegh vessels.


If you are a seafarer of Höegh Autoliners and would you like to share your story,  please contact Corporate Communications on newsdesk@hoegh.com



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