October 2021


Mental health care for all: making it a reality

Today is World Mental Health Day and I want to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of mental health support during these challenging times. Everyone’s experience has been unique during the COVID-19 pandemic and no matter where one physically works from, navigating the “new normal” can be challenging. At Höegh Autoliners, we are committed to supporting our people’s mental health and have implemented initiatives to ensure we prioritise their wellbeing. 

March 2021


Four tips for fostering inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity matter more than ever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic - it can be a true differentiator in supporting employees’ sense of belonging, resilience and empowerment. The business case has been proven - there is no debate, and the topic has received much focus over recent years, but the challenge of truly building this into a culture remains a key stumbling block for many. There are inherent traps that are sometimes overlooked including biases, blind spots, misunderstandings and ignorance.

January 2021


Staying connected in Latin America

With health and safety protocols put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community, our teams across the globe have found innovative ways to continue to engage with customers in a safe manner. Our Head of Sales Latin America, Juan Williams shares how the team has successfully adapted to the new normal and stay connected with customers across the Caribbean region.

May 2020


RoRo: The Clear Choice for Rail Cargo

There are roughly 619 passenger rail projects including mass transit, light rail, heavy rail and high-speed infrastructure in the world, and these numbers are only likely to increase given the rising population and urbanisation. Rail manufacturers look for transport and logistics carriers that offer the best solutions for their rail products from multiple origins going to multiple international destinations. One may ask what mode of ocean transport is the best for shipping rail cargo. Let me outline the three top advantages of using RoRo (Roll-On Roll Off) vessels.

October 2019


Colombia; an infrastructure boom

Colombia is an exception among its Latin American peers. Economic activity growth is relatively strong, and will accelerate over the coming years, setting it apart from other large economies in the region.

July 2019


Strong project growth for Queensland, Australia

Hampered in recent years by weak investment growth, the Queensland economy has seen a shift and is gearing up for strong project growth. In the next five years, Queensland will manage a major projects pipeline valued at USD 28.5bn. Already 67 per cent of the major projects value (USD 19bn) has secured funding and 89 per cent of funded projects are mega-projects with a value over USD 345m.

March 2019


China goes all out to become a global leader of Electric Cars

China is determined to dominate electric vehicles. With the same force it showed in industries from steel to solar, China is backing electric vehicle manufacturers and battery producers with huge subsidies. Already the world's largest electric vehicle market - there were about 1 million battery-powered passenger cars sold in the country last year - China is now determined to challenge competitors from Japan, USA to Germany.

March 2019


Breakbulk cargo on RoRo Vessels – fits like a glove

It is the middle of March and albeit we’re all waiting for Spring to arrive here in chilly Norway, the temperature is a cool -9 Degrees Celsius. On my way to work this morning, the only place my cold hands longed for was a pair of warm wool mittens to protect them from the harsh realities of what is known to us Norwegians as a real Nordic winter.

March 2019


Diversity in the shipping industry

Diversity is not just about having more women on teams, but about having an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome, is treated with respect, receives equal pay for equal work and is given equal opportunities. From a company point of view, this is not only about being a good citizen; diversity is a necessity if we want to succeed in the challenges we have in front of us.

July 2018


What is Breakbulk cargo?

When telling people you work for Höegh AUTOliners, breakbulk is perhaps not the first thing that pops into mind. However, did you know that we carry close to six million cubic metres of high and heavy and breakbulk cargo annually worldwide. So what is this breakbulk stuff then?

May 2018


New ownership models transform finished vehicle logistics

Finished Vehicle Logistics will transform as people move away from privately owning a car to utilising car pools. Henrik Zander, our Head of Logistics Services, takes a closer look at the trend with car sharing and autonomous vehicles.

May 2017


China’s One Belt One Road initiative will impact the shipping industry

China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) global initiative is set to build land and ocean-related infrastructure to connect the country with Central and South Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Although known across the globe, it seems so far to have slipped largely under the radar of the shipping community, and will have great impact on trade and shipping in the years ahead.

April 2017


Can the U.S. and its automakers live with two major contradicting sets of emission legislations?

In the European Union, China and United States, legislation on vehicle emissions has changed over time to meet a variety of policy objectives. While the European Union and China are moving towards tightening their emission regulations, the US on the other hand is shifting in the opposite direction.

February 2017


2017: A year of uncertainty and turbulance

It has probably never been as difficult to predict future economic developments as today. What is becoming clear is that the current economic and financial system may look totally differently at the end of this year – changed according to the rule: destruct and rebuild.

January 2017


How well did we predict 2016?

The start of the year is a high time for predictions. All respected research institutions and experts are rolling out their crystal ball to forecast what will lay ahead, while old views, that were so-often wrong are forgotten instead of being reviewed. Today, I offer you a review of the predictions we made for 2016 on our website last year. As you can see our predictions were reasonably correct.

December 2016


Sharing economy disrupts car ownership model

In the world where more than half of the population lives in densely populated urban areas, new mobility services like car-sharing are challenging the traditional model where we own our own car. This trend, together with autonomous and connected car technology, will likely revolutionize our individual travel patterns in the not so distant future.

December 2016


Ship naming ceremony – a memorable event for guests attending

Last week, I had the honour of attending a traditional naming ceremony for Höegh Trotter, the sixth New Horizon class vessel, my company has built at Xiamen Shipbuilding Industries in China. Many people outside the shipping industry wonder what such a ceremony is all about, therefore I thought of shedding some light on this old custom.

October 2016


Developing automotive markets in Africa - The industry’s last frontier

Africa, essentially the last continent representing significant expansion opportunity for the automotive industry, has in recent time become a key focus area for all global manufacturers. Things are starting to happen here.

October 2016


On our way towards the next, more balanced phase of globalisation?

Recent report by the WTO reveals that the global trade growth (in physical goods) has now slowed sharply to its slowest pace since 2009.

September 2016


Dancing at sea

Being a seafarer has helped me improve my knowledge and skill in navigation and develop a positive attitude towards the value of hard work. Surprising however it has also ignited my passion for dance.

September 2016


What can be learnt from the Hanjin’s fall?

The media are these days full of articles about Hanjin’s spectacular fall. Many opinions on the reasons of the fall, current effects and possible outcomes of this disaster are circulated every day. I will not dwell on this today, but I’m thinking - how dependent the global economy’s growth is on well-functioning and efficient shipping industry.

September 2016


Why I love being a seafarer

We seafarers take a six to nine month contract on board a ship. Within that period, we see the vast ocean and sky most of the time. Isn’t that boring? Well, if you don’t have some patience, determination and optimism, you can definitely conclude that life at sea is quite boring. But if you want to see the world, it is an opportunity.

August 2016


Do ALL new technologies solve the fundamental challenges of our time?

We stand at the doorstep of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Media picture is packed with news and analyses of a great number of technology trends enabled by Big Data. It is often difficult for ordinary people to comprehend all the new breakthroughs, and to grasp consequences of them for how we will live, get around, work and relax in the future.

July 2016


You can accomplish anything when you believe in yourself

In recent years, more women engage in professions which were classically designed for men. Despite the hardships and difficulties that female seafarers encounter, I have found trusting and believing oneself are the key factors to overcome such circumstances.

July 2016


Is traditional forecasting a thing of the past?

The media picture is dominated by the UK’s unexpected and unpredicted decision to leave the European Union. Analysts, consultants, commentators, and of course politicians, all race to present their Brexit impact analyses. It is a great time for speculations, ideas, theories, predictions, even forecasts, warnings of grave consequences and risks. And that is exactly that – nobody knows what will happen.

June 2016


Who says seafarers can’t do Zumba?

Seafarers must have the skills, competence and knowledge to perform their duties and responsibility to keep the ship in its best condition. But seafarers on board must also be emotionally happy and physically fit.

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