Fumigation requirements to Oceania

15 August 2018

The Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) season, requiring all cargo exported from the U.S. destined for Oceania to be fumigated, commences September 1, 2018 and continues until April 30, 2019. New cargo, un-field tested and manufactured after December 1, 2018 destined for Australia, may be exempt from the fumigation requirements by filing a proper NUFT declaration.

Höegh Autoliners is committed to working closely with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in New Zealand and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) in Australia to ensure all cargo meets their respective requirements.

The fumigation process must be completed within 120 hours of the vessels departure and performed by an approved BSMB Treatment Provider.

To facilitate this process, the following companies have been approved by the DAWR and the MPI and will perform the required services on our terminals in Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL, and Freeport, TX.  These companies are well versed in the regulations and certification requirements to ensure compliance of your cargo at destination.

The BMSB requirements are subject to change. Full details may be found on the following web sites:



New Zealand


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