Superlow rolltrailer transports shunt reactor across the globe

DATE 28.06.2018

Recently, Höegh Autoliners was tasked with providing the transportation of a shunt reactor from Jebel Ali to Antwerp. The singular unit was due to have repair work, and had to be shipped back to the plant in Germany as the work could not be done locally. Aside from Höegh Autoliners’ direct ocean service from Europe to the Middle East, guaranteeing a timely service, the height restriction of the cargo played an important part in the choice of shipping supplier.

Standing at 4.38m alone, the height of the unit posed a challenge as most of the vessels in the Middle East to Europe service have a door opening of around 5.0-5.2m high. This however was the perfect fit for the Superlow rolltrailer, which could also accommodate the weight of the cargo at 65.8MT.

Geir Paulsen, Head of Global Breakbulk Solutions says,

The Superlow rolltrailers are only 0.47m high and are designed to load Breakbulk cargo that is 25-30 cm higher than what we were previously able to transport.

Prior to the cargo arriving at port, a pre-plan meeting was arranged to go through all details of the operation. With the height and weight of the unit, it was essential that the unit was correctly positioned on the rolltrailer to ensure the stability was within safe limits. With the supervision by Höegh Autoliners’ Port Captain in Dubai, the unit was safely loaded on board Alliance Fairfax for its journey to Europe.

Geir continues,

In combination with our new equipment, larger vessels and experienced breakbulk team, we are well suited to handle more opportunities with high, wide, long and heavy cargo.

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