My Life Onboard Höegh Jeddah: Week 1

DATE 27.10.2023

On Monday 23rd of October I finally boarded Höegh Jeddah, after a short delay due to bad weather. As a welcome gift, I got an orange coverall, a quick tour, and a security brief. Then my daily life onboard began, which, except for the abundant meals, basically consists of sitting alone in my cabin with nothing else to do except writing.

Here’s a free advice to publishers who struggle with authors who never keep their deadline: Send him or her onboard a cargo ship for a few weeks. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and the internet is very slow. It’s the perfect Writer’s Prison. The last few days I have written more than I did the entire last month!

The perfect Writer’s Prison is going through some big changes, however. The last couple of days, many of the crew members have been busy installing cables for Marlink, a new and faster Internet system. For writers, internet is a curse – all too often I end up spending half of the working watching cute dog videos and reading heated Facebook-debates about topics that I’m not even interested in – but for the crew, internet is nothing but a blessing. They stay far away from their family and friends for half a year or longer in a row. Hopefully, faster internet will make the distance feel shorter and the months pass faster.

At night, the ambience onboard changes completely. From being a peaceful, tranquil place where everyone is busy performing their assigned tasks, the vessel turns into a floating “Philipinas got Talent”-show. The crew onboard sure knows how to party! They are all experienced karaoke singers and very skilled dancers, which is more than can be said about me, but what happens onboard, stays onboard – unless someone, God forbid, uploads it on TikTok.

As we left Santander and made our way through the Bay of Biscay, the sea was rather rough. Before boarding the ship, people told me that you cannot feel the waves on such a big vessel. They either lied or had no idea what they were talking about. Today we reached the African coast, and the air is already noteworthy warmer, and the sea is, thankfully, calmer. This adventure is heading in the right direction.

30 October 2023

Höegh Autoliners ASA - Sale of Höegh Bangkok and purchase of Höegh Jacksonville

Höegh Autoliners ASA, has reached an agreement for the sale of the vessel Höegh Bangkok (IMO931847) for a price of USD 63,000,000. Höegh Bangkok was constructed by Höegh at the Uljanik shipyard in 2007 and has a capacity of 6500 CEU. She is sailing under the NIS flag and is unencumbered.

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22 January 2024

Andreas Enger further strengthens his management team 

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mirjam Peters will take on a new role as Chief Customer Sustainability Officer in Höegh Autoliners from 1 May 2024. Mirjam will be part of the Executive leadership team and will be based in our office in Germany.

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17 January 2024

Höegh Autoliners signs new contract with major East Asian car producer

Höegh Autoliners ASA has signed a new contract with a major East Asian car producer for the transport of cars, mainly electronic vehicles (EVs), from Asia to Europe. The contract is valid for shipments until the end of 2028.

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life on Höegh Trooper

04 January 2024

A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER - My life on Höegh Trooper Week 4

Seafarers sure know how to throw a party! From very early in the morning on December 24 everyone was busy preparing sumptuos amounts of food and decorating the messroom. There was glitter, there were balloons, and there was even a photo booth, adorned with the logo of Höegh Trooper, so that everyone could have a postcard-like photo to send to family and friends. The ambience was merry and filled with laughter, even if the Christmas season without doubt is the hardest time of the year for the crew to be away from their loved ones.

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