COVID-19: Ensuring business continuity

DATE 05.05.2020

Guaranteeing a safe working environment

Our priority continues to be the safeguarding of our employees, serving the developing needs of our customers and maintaining global operations. We believe guaranteeing a safe working environment is fundamental to the COVID-19 pandemic response, not only to protect lives but also to ensure business continuity. We have adapted our work environment following recommendations from relevant authorities. Land-based employees work remotely to service customer requests and maintain our operations. While our crew follow stringent routines both on board and in port, to ensure we deliver on our ocean service.

Dedicated global team

Our teams across the world are following developments closely and continue to work with our customers to find solutions in this evolving situation.

We see disruptions continue with governments beginning to relax restrictions in some areas, while other regions have had to extend their lockdown periods. In this volatile situation, we expect disruptions to continue and it may affect our schedules in both frequency and transit times. We understand this is a challenging situation for everyone, and we continue to collaborate with our customers to find the best possible solutions.

In terms of ports and terminals we call, all are operating; however we may experience a slow down of our operations in some ports as a result of measures put in place to slow down the spread of the virus. Whilst we may experience slight disruptions in certain ports, our teams around the globe are working hard to ensure timely service to our customers.

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Working together

While the impact of the pandemic has caused disruptions to both our customers’ and our business, we remain steadfast in supporting our customers through this. Our dedicated teams on both land and sea are working hard to fulfil our customers’ requests and keep our operations going.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of our global team.

13 May 2020

RoRo: The Clear Choice for Rail Cargo

There are roughly 619 passenger rail projects including mass transit, light rail, heavy rail and high-speed infrastructure in the world, and these numbers are only likely to increase given the rising population and urbanisation. Rail manufacturers look for transport and logistics carriers that offer the best solutions for their rail products from multiple origins going to multiple international destinations. One may ask what mode of ocean transport is the best for shipping rail cargo. Let me outline the three top advantages of using RoRo (Roll-On Roll Off) vessels.

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