Höegh’s RoRo solution chosen for 112MT Transformer shipment

13 February 2019

Transporting a 112MT transformer across the world is no simple task. The stakes are even higher when the sophisticated cargo is destined for an oil and gas plant and time is of utmost importance.

Global Freight Forwarder Kintetsu World Express (KWE) and CG Holdings Belgium NV Systems Division chose Höegh Autoliners, with its direct RoRo service, global agency network and breakbulk competence, to transport its 112 MT Transformer trailer from Antwerp to Dammam.

Timely, reliable service

With the customer’s tight deadline, Höegh’s Europe to the Middle East service was the perfect solution to transport the breakbulk unit, ensuring a timely service with minimum transit time.

To avoid any additional waiting time and storage at the port, a detailed storage plan was prepared. With close coordination by Höegh Autoliners’ agents in Antwerp and Jeddah, the breakbulk unit was ready for its ocean transportation to Saudi Arabia.

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Specialised equipment and low risk solution

When handling special and sensitive cargo, experienced cargo handling is imperative. Höegh Port Captain says,

With every breakbulk shipment, we plan and tailor our handling methods and equipment based on the cargo’s specifications, to ensure that the safest and most secure solutions are used.

With the transformer weighing a total of 112MT, it could not be transported with the Port’s tug master which could only handle cargo weighing up to 100 MT. The solution was to use third party equipment to pull the trailer on board the vessel.

Under the supervision of Höegh’s Port Captain and officials from KWE the trailer was safely loaded on board Höegh Trident and stowed under deck, where it would not be exposed to seawater or weather.

120MT transformer loaded on board Höegh Trident

Comments from Kintetsu World Express and CG Holdings Belgium NV Systems Division

The successful operation was made possible thanks to the great teamwork across our cargo division and Höegh Autoliners' sales and operation teams both at Antwerp and Saudi Arabia.

We, Kintetsu World Express and CG Holdings Belgium NV Systems Division are very impressed with the service, level of professionalism and technical expertise provided by Höegh Autoliners.

This shipment was a perfect example of dedicated focus and constant innovation to develop Höegh Autoliners as a leading carrier for breakbulk cargo.