How can VinTelligent assist you?

It shows if your cargo has arrived at the terminal.
You can glance at all status’ associated with your cargo.
It shows that your cargo has been loaded onto a Höegh Autoliners vessel.
It enables you to read notes associated with your cargo.
It gives you the ability, to download your data into a Microsoft excel spread sheet and run your inventory reports to your own specifications.

Is this software I am installing?

This is not software on your machine but a web-based view to our software.
This does not require any additional installation, storage space or modification to your hardware, however, like any other websites you may visit, you may need to give your computer permission to view this application and adjust your security settings to let it work.
Because this application requires windows to Pop-up, we need to tell your computer that pop-ups from this website are allowed. This change will not cause other pop-ups to appear, but will let the Vininsight window to appear.