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With the shipping industry accounting for almost 90% of global trade, ships are a critical factor in transferring organisms from different geographical areas. The importance of biosecurity measures is therefore significant. The BMSB is not native to Oceania and when it enters its fauna, it causes severe damage to fruit and vegetable crops. While the bug is a known agricultural pest in Asia and the US, they have not yet spread to Oceania.

This has been the result of strict biosecurity enforcement measures introduced by the Australian and New Zealand authorities to combat the bug in the region and Höegh Autoliners takes great care to ensure that BMSB is not carried to Australia and New Zealand and appreciates all efforts taken by our customers to reduce risk related to this.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) have issued official regulations for the import of cargo during BMSB season 2022-2023.

This year’s BMSB season is in effect from shipment date 01 September 2023 to arrival date 30 April 2024 for New Zealand. For Australia, the season is in effect between the Departure of 01 September 2023 until arrival date 30 April 2024. All cargo from the following high-risk countries must be treated prior to shipment either by fumigation or heat.

Cargo to Australia with a valid NUFT declaration is exempted from treatment if production commenced after 01 December 2023. NUFT is not applicable for cargoes produces in countries marked with blue above. NUFT is only applicable for Australia.

Between 01 September and 01 December, all cargo for Australia and New Zealand must be delivered to their respective loading port minimum 120 hours prior to start of operation unless otherwise agreed with Höegh Autoliners or its local agents.

For project cargo, the full project must be delivered by 120 hours to ensure enough time for both stuffing and treatment. If cargo is unavailable, Höegh Autoliners cannot guarantee that cargo can be shipped on the earliest departure thus might be subject to rescheduling in accordance with our planning.

“As a leading global provider of ocean transportation services, we take great care to protect the ecological balance of the regions in which we operate. We are committed to doing our part and invite our customers and partners to join us in supporting sustainable shipping practices and protecting the environment", says Sebjørn Dahl, COO in Höegh Autoliners

We kindly remind all customers that it is the shipper’s sole responsibility and risk that the cargo presented for shipment is sufficiently clean to the satisfaction of the requirements of the countries of loading, transhipment if any, and discharging. The shipper will be held liable for any costs, expenses and loss arising in respect of any breach of these warranties, including but not limited to all costs related to secondary treatment caused by cargo being treated outside the 120-hour period for whatever reason.

Treatment is available in all major Höegh Autoliners ports of loading in Europe. Please refer to your local customer service contact and/or local agent for additional information.