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Deep Sea Services

Höegh Autoliners operates a global network of deep sea trades with Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels. When transporting your cargo with one of our vessels you can be confident that we take the best care of it.

All of our cargo handling personnel are well trained and competent to take care of all types of cargo that can be carried on board Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels. We have also developed procedures and best practices for cargo handling, to minimise the risk of damage. When you leave your vehicle in our hands, you can trust that it will be well taken care of.

Each cargo is different and it requires expertise to ensure it receives the correct handling for a safe journey across the ocean. Höegh Autoliners was one of the pioneers when deep sea transportation of cars started in the late 1960's and we have across 50 years in this industry developed a long experience in handling rolling cargo of all types. When cargo does not roll by itself, we have the solution for that as well; using our roll trailers to pull it on board the vessel.

With us, all cargo travels below deck so you do not have to worry about corrosion which can be caused by saltwater. Most loading operations are also controlled by one of our Port Captains who ensures that all cargo is safely and accurately driven on board and secured to the vessel.

Per Christian Evjen
Per Christian Evjen
Per Christian Evjen, Port Captain;

Three words that guide the work as a Port Captain: Safety, always safety first, Efficiency and Flexibility.

Meet Per Christian Evjen, Port Captain for Höegh Autoliners and learn more about the important work he and his colleagues do.

To learn more about transporting different cargo types and what services we can offer to your specific needs, please click the pictures below; "Cars and SUVs", "Trucks, Buses and Trailers" or "High and Heavy and Breakbulk".

To view our Trade Network, visit the Trade Routes page.

Cars and SUVs

Höegh Autoliners load about 1.5 million car units each year across more than 3 000 port calls. It is safe to say that we know what we are doing and we have long experience in this industry.

High and Heavy and Breakbulk

Höegh Autoliners offers transportation for all types of cargo and is annually carrying close to 4 million cubic metres of high and heavy cargoes, including trucks, buses, boats, agricultural equipment and construction equipment to destinations worldwide.

Trucks, Buses and Trailers

Our Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC) are optimal for the transportation of large rolling units such as trucks, buses and trailers. Motorhomes and Caravans are other cargo types that fit our vessels perfectly.